OMW as VG?

Here’s an interesting commentary/interview with me at the video game site Gaming Target, in which the author chats about how Old Man’s War would make a great video game (I agree), and then interviews me about the influence of video games on OMW (there’s a little). It’s an interesting commentary/interview, made extra cool because the guy who wrote the piece is named “John Scalzo.” Man, that’s just awesome.

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  1. I work for a mid-size company with fewer than 300 employees. But we had an Ada Lorenzi and an Ada Lorenzo at the same time – I imagine they each got a lot of the other’s email by mistake.

  2. Just wanted to send you a little note of thanks for your offer of support to Absolutewrite. It’s great to see the writing community working together.

  3. I’m surprised there’s been no move to make the OMW world into a pen-and-paper RPG. You would start with a backstory for your retiree character, and then follow them through the rejuvenation and into the service. Could be an interesting idea.


  4. Commenting on the interview, on the idea of ‘books into games’:

    It’s not all that much of a stretch — both David Drake’s Hammer’s Slammers and David Weber’s Honorverse have spawned board/miniatures games, and a Hammer’s Slammers video game (based roughly on the current miniatures rules, IIRC) was in development for a time (though it’s gone the way of the dodo already).

  5. Mmm…the gun idea is spiffy and new, but keep in mind that novels turned into games, especially science-fiction novels, tend to lose whatever it was that make them good (Starship Troopers for one…*shudders*). Even with Orson Scott Card writing a game(Indigo Prophecy), it wasn’t that great.

    But that’s just the critic in me. The gamer would really like to see this happen, actually, with the ability to toggle firing modes on the fly. No bullet time though, that just gets old :D

  6. What’ll happen is that sometime in the next iteration of the gaming cycle, some developer-fan will take the basic ideas without purchasing the property, and give you credit by calling the nanobot ammo material “scalzon” or something.

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