Ended up driving home from Wiscon, which is quite a feat because we flew in. I’ll have more details about that and Wiscon in general later. Probably much later, because as you might see from the timestamp, it’s quite late.

If you’ve sent me an e-mail any time since last Thursday, it’s likely you’ve not had a response. I’ll be getting to mail today.

6 Comments on “Brain-Dead”

  1. Sorry for the unrelated comment;

    I am looking for writers’ opinions about blogging and the growing social input and collaboration that the web allows. There are a few initial questions in the blog post but any input would be great.

    Please pass this on to anyone that you think might be interested.

    – thanks for your time.

  2. Driving? Whew!

    As luck would have it I was in Madison Monday but couldn’t see my daughter off to Chicago until 1:00 or so and missed the signout!

    I hung around the hotel for awhile looking for someone who looked “Scalziesque” but didn’t spot you.

    I tried to be low key and non-stalker-like but I did feel odd without a conference badge. I hope I didn’t startle any of the nice conference attenders.

    Oh well. I got a visitor’s view of WisCon and maybe next year I’ll apply before the tickets sell out!

    I hope you didn’t hit any bad weather around Chicago – or is that why you drove?

  3. Tripp, I was out having lunch at the Mexican restaurant near the hotel right after the sign out. Sorry to have missed you!

    The weather was indeed the cause of us driving.

  4. Given that I last saw you at the Madison airport, I have to assume something went horribly horribly wrong. (As it did for all of us, I think–I finally landed in Francisco at 2am, which was a good four and a half hours later than I’d been expecting.)

  5. Susan:

    Yup. Fortunately, I had this really excellent anthology with which to wile the time away as we waited to depart. Which I will write about sometime soon. Because it is really excellent, you see.

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