The Perfect Man

No, it’s not me (the pictures of me faux-stripping at Wiscon prove that readily enough). No, it’s a new short story by my friend Lauren McLaughlin, which was published in Salon today. Lauren read a portion of it yesterday at Wiscon, and it was a whole lot of fun, so I recommend you check it out. Yes, you’ll have to sit through one of those Salon “ultramercials” to get at it. But you know what? It’s entirely worth it, and also, it’s probably not the most annoying thing you’ve ever done for a free read. So go!

10 Comments on “The Perfect Man”

  1. You’re absolutely right; it was worth the commercial! It was deliciously disturbing, and it actually reminded me of Michelle Rowen’s writing style – she writes great stuff with an sf-meets-romance-novel bent to it.

  2. I find the whole idea of paying for a book in brainwashing extrememly smart. Is this a common practice?

  3. I can’t get past the preview; when I sit through the commercial it takes me to Salon’s main page; when I click on the story from there it takes me to the commercial again. Anyone else seeing this problem? I’m on a mac with safari.

  4. Did I hear you promise actual photographic evidence of your striptease? Because I kind of thought I hallucinated that whole thing.

  5. That was my bad – my cookies were turned off.

    Looks like a great story so far!

  6. Lauren:

    “Because I kind of thought I hallucinated that whole thing.”

    Says the woman who co-dared me to do it!

    I’m waiting for Gwenda Bond to send me the photos.

  7. Thanks for turning me on to Lauren McLaughlin’s story. She’s a very talented writer and not bad on the eyes either.

  8. Well, at the risk of being a snot – those of us who support Salon with subscriptions don’t have to sit through any ads at all. At $35 it’s way less than you pay for a daily newspaper and of much better quality than most, IMNSHO.

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