Daily Archives: June 2, 2006

My Kid Has More Writing Awards Than Me

Her second consecutive Creative Writing Award at the school’s end of the year awards ceremony. Yeah, I’m happy. Of course, this means my kid has two more writing awards than I do. I hope to correct this sometime in the reasonably near future, but in the meantime there are far worse fates for a parent […]

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Letters From Neighborhood Bigots

So, a week ago, I wrote up a review of the Will and Grace season finale for my Dayton Daily News DVD column. Today I got a letter from a local bigot on the matter. I’d like to share a little bit of the letter with you and my thoughts thereof. Because of the language, […]

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Bad News, Good News, Appalling News

Let’s go with the bad news first: Whatever the con crud is that I’ve caught has well and truly kicked my ass; I slept until 11am today and my big plan for the rest of the day is to crawl into bed again as soon as I am able. Unfortunately this conflicts with what were […]

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