Happy Devil Day!


Ahhhhh, finally! A day I can relax and just be myself.

Hope you’re enjoying the end times too.

15 Comments on “Happy Devil Day!”

  1. Brandon:

    “Where’s Petey when we need him?”

    For God’s sake, Brandon. Don’t invoke him.

  2. okay, scalzi, time to lay off the photoshop. it’s a gateway app, you know. your wife and child need you.

  3. Sniffle. In my day we had to make do with a pen and a newspaper photo. Horns, glasses, and moustaches were pretty typical.

  4. Bill Schafer,

    “I think we have the cover for YOUR HATE MAIL WILL BE GRADED…”

    Right on!

    John, listen to this guy, the combination of that title with that image on the cover would definitely help to sell some books.

  5. Thanks John, I really needed that. Just spent an hour reading mainly political blogs about what happened today…then read your post about that idiot ammendment the right wing of the republicants keeps puhing and then hit your photo…I needed the chuckle about then. Again thanks…have a devil of a great time…

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