Wednesday Author Interview: Tate Hallaway

Over at By the Way, I’m interviewing bestselling paranormal romance author Tate Hallaway, who is also award-winning SF author Lyda Morehouse. It’s like getting two author interviews for the price of one!

Also, I swear that sometime soon I’ll have a schedule made of the authors I’m interviewing, so other authors can help me fill in the gaps in the schedule. With God as my witness, etc., etc.



Same-Sex Marriage Ban Amendment gets canned. Now we have to talk about real issues, drat the luck.


Writing Catchup

Writing stuff:

* Editing news: The last few days had me busy doing proofs of both The Android’s Dream and the Subterranean Magazine cliche issue. The latter is off to press after this, I’m pretty sure, so if there are any additional copyediting errors, please don’t blame the authors, they’re all my fault. During the reading I was reminded of how fun this issue is; it’s a good mix of stories. It makes me pretty damn excited that soon you’ll be able to read these stories for yourself and see what I mean.

As for The Android’s Dream, rereading that particular book reminds me how much I like it. As I’ve noted before, TAD is meant to be a fast and breezy read; it’s smart but it doesn’t dwell on the deep questions of the universe. But structurally I think it’s probably the best plotted and paced book I’ve written so far — everything fits together really well and the story just sucks you along. That and I’m much more of a smartass in Android than I am in either OMW or TGB (or am likely to be in The Last Colony, although it’s got some fun moments in it so far). I think people are going to like it.

* Speaking of The Last Colony, some of you are asking, how is it going? It’s going fine, thanks. My beta readers have gotten back with initial reports that are largely positive, which is nice, although I suspect at least one of the chapters needs a little massaging — one of the things of writing a chapter that is literally all dialogue is that it’s all about information management and characterization, and you need to make sure one doesn’t overwhelm the other. But this is a “tweak” issue rather than a “massive rewrite” issue, and that’s the sort of issue I want, given the choice between the two.

I will say this: You like spaceships? Because we’ve got ’em in this book. Got ’em by the score.

The writing is progressing along nicely, I think, But I think I’m going to have to boost up production speed a bit if I don’t want to be a frazzled panicbunny by the end, or have to have my editor Patrick Nielsen Hayden fly out and stand over me with a whip, which, sure, sounds like a fun time, but, you know. He’s a busy man. As am I. Boosting my writing output for the book also possibly/probably means a little less writing here, although I’m sure you all understand that one of these writing endeavors pays my mortgage and the other doesn’t.

* As I’m writing TLC, other projects are beginning to fall into place in the near future. As most of you know, after TLC I have that two-book project for Tor, the specifics of which I’m not talking about, which is the next thing on the agenda, along with an update of The Rough Guide to the Universe. Beyond those projects I have one other project I can tell you about: I’ll be writing a novella for Subterranean Press. And, get this: It’s a fantasy novella. Why fantasy? Well, because it’s something I haven’t tried before, and I have an idea that I think would be interesting, and a novella seems like a good place to play with that idea. I have no more details for you than that, because I’m still fiddling with the details in my head. However, I think it should be interesting.

Beyond that: I got nothing. Not that any of you will notice, since between now and the end of 2007 we’ll see the release of Android, Last Colony, Book #1 of the project I ‘m being all secret about, Coffee Shop (the writing book), Hate Mail (the Whatever book), the second edition of Universe and the novella. That’s not a bad release schedule over 18 months. And it gives me some time to think about what I’m going to write next. I do have some interesting ideas for fiction and for non-fiction (at least they’re interesting to me), so I don’t expect my dance card will be unoccupied for long. At the moment, however, I will say it’s kind of fun to look past the current projects to the wide open spaces beyond them and think of the possibilities there.

That’s where I am with the writing thing, right now.

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