Same-Sex Marriage Ban Amendment gets canned. Now we have to talk about real issues, drat the luck.

Same-Sex Marriage Ban Amendment gets canned. Now we have to talk about real issues, drat the luck.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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Not surprising.

I’m guessing that this will become the new flag-burning ammendment, trotted out whenever some Senator or another feels the need to pander. Or maybe they’ll go hand-in-hand, begging the question of which ammendment is male and which female.

The more interesting question is: if this was the Religious Right’s big success, with Bush in the White House and tools like Santorum ascendant in Congress, will the inevitable reaction away from that political viewpoint spell long-term doom for the MPA as surely as the flag-burning ammendment? Hate to prematurely call “last best chance,” but I think the current ruling coalition has succeeded in pissing off way too many people for their policies to succeed democratically going forward.

It is a waste of government’s time to be attacking these issues separately.

I say lets get one amendment PDQ that bans gay marriages while the flag is being burnt and a woman is getting an abortion and there is pornography on the cable TV and evolution is taught to the marriage partners and be done with it.

Tripp, if you could get terrorists and drugs in there, i think you would basically have summarised the current state of political discourse…

Well, I hit Yahoo for the headlines a few minutes ago, and Bush was saying that immigrants need to learn English. I’d say someone noticed the polls about how his base is actually much more concerned about immigration right now than gay marriage. I predict vast amounts of pointless grandstanding that will be readily seen through by the people to whom he’s attempting to pander.

Woman marries snake.

I foresee, in about 2026, a new king arising from India, raising armies and conquering the world, after doing a neat little trick with a complicated knot.

Woman marries snake

If anything, let it be an example of where marriages could go in the US if they are to be considered soley a religious institution. You never know what Gods and mores another person devoutly believes in.

(Although I admit I’m fascinated and kinda heart-warmed by the story, in its proper context.)

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