Wednesday Author Interview: Tate Hallaway

Over at By the Way, I’m interviewing bestselling paranormal romance author Tate Hallaway, who is also award-winning SF author Lyda Morehouse. It’s like getting two author interviews for the price of one!

Also, I swear that sometime soon I’ll have a schedule made of the authors I’m interviewing, so other authors can help me fill in the gaps in the schedule. With God as my witness, etc., etc.

8 Comments on “Wednesday Author Interview: Tate Hallaway”

  1. Ooh! I caught her reading from that at Wiscon – and it was totally adorable (says the woman who never, never, never reads chick-lit, even the cool paranormal kind, but who thought of picking up this one).

  2. “With God as my witness, etc., etc.”

    Just how much weight does that phrase really have since you’re agnostic? I mean you essentially called on an unreliable witness.

    And while you’re pondering that, I’ll be up all night looking for something else profound to ask, like why was the Holy Roman Empire neither holy nor Roman nor an empire? Discuss.

  3. “With God as my witness, etc., etc.”

    For some reason, I had read that as “with God as my waitress.” That’d be one you don’t wanna forget to tip.

  4. Ahhh. Thank you for mentioning that the author is really Lyda Morehouse. I loved the LINK books and I ordered this one immediately.

  5. [deleted for off-topic-ness]

    Tim, this is not a criticism of the post itself, or for you for posting it here — merely a reflection that I opened up a new thread on this topic for which it is better suited, right after this entry. Feel free to repost your sentiments there.

  6. Next time you get an author who doesn’t hide the fact that she uses a fake name for some of her books…. ask her how she came to decide on that particular fake name. It’d be a good Q, and an author would no doubt have a cool answer.

  7. I had some nice email correspondence with Lyda about a source for some of her SF works awhile back. She’s a very pleasant person and not any sort of stand-offish, “I’m a famous author” snob. And bless her heart, she got me hooked up with Uncle Hugo’s Science Fiction Bookstore in Minneapolis – a real treasure trove for SF lovers!

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