My PC is beginning to cause me some issues: its ethernet card is only intermittently functional, and it’s reached that point that every Windows box eventually reaches, in which the system is collapsing under the weight of all the crap that fires up whenever you turn it on. Rather than spend a whole lot of time being frustrated with it, I’m sending it down to the minors, which is to say to Athena’s room, and for a while at least I will return to my monoprocessorial ways, with only the Mac in my office.

This should be less problematic than it might have been; I’ve been using the Mac for online stuff anyway, and most of the important documents I had on the PC were on a external drive, which I’ve now attached to the Mac. I bought and downloaded Photoshop Elements, which should be able to handle most of my picture processing needs, and all those other heavy-duty programs I use on the PC have sufficient Mac analogs. About the only thing I won’t be doing is killing things via first person shooters, but inasmuch as I have a book to write, this is probably just as well.

Also, you’ll note, I’ve cleaned up my office. Proof that even I have limits on squalor.

Representin’ for the Geek Tribe

This is cool: Check what’s fronting the Geek Gift Guide at Amazon (scroll down a little if you don’t see it right away). Here’s the whole Geek Gift Guide. Needless to say, I have quite a few of the things here, and wish to have most of the rest of them.

(Temporal note: If for some reason you’re viewing this substantially after 6/8/06, there’s no guarantee that what’s featured at either link has anything to do with me anymore. All fame is fleeting, even the geek kind.)


I’m busy plugging away at other things at the moment, but I’ve got e-mail asking me what I think of the US military killing al-Zarqawi in Iraq. My immediate reaction is: Good. I imagine I will have a more subtle reaction in the long-term (“good, and now…”), but until I get what I need to get done done and gather my thoughts on the subject, here, have a thread to discuss the event and its implications. I’ll swing by when I’m caught up.