Representin’ for the Geek Tribe

This is cool: Check what’s fronting the Geek Gift Guide at Amazon (scroll down a little if you don’t see it right away). Here’s the whole Geek Gift Guide. Needless to say, I have quite a few of the things here, and wish to have most of the rest of them.

(Temporal note: If for some reason you’re viewing this substantially after 6/8/06, there’s no guarantee that what’s featured at either link has anything to do with me anymore. All fame is fleeting, even the geek kind.)

9 Comments on “Representin’ for the Geek Tribe”

  1. hey, congratulations!

    That’s a good list, too. I’m glad the fuzzy dice got in there. And I really feel like my life will be incomplete until I acquire a pair of Death Star lounge pants.

    Speaking of lists, I saw one of those “If you like this author, you might also like…” signs that had your name on the list the last time I was at my local borders, but I’m completely blanking out on who the author was.

  2. Dude, that is totally cool.
    I’ve got to get that Joust t-shirt for my mom. (She played games with us back in the day. That’s how cool she is.)

  3. Makes sense. It’s on the top of my list for my Father’s Day Present. I just gave my own dad a copy of Old Man’s War for his birthday (Bad title to give your dad on his 56th birthday though.)

  4. Sweetness.

    Seeing that, though, reminds me that I need to get in on that Attack of the Bacon Robots stuff.

    And oooh, one of those..

    ,.. and two of those…

    Hmmm… never can have too much of that

  5. I really want one of those Swiss Army USB flash drives… way cool. (And your book being first on the list is pretty cool too :)

  6. Nice!

    The Swiss Army flash drive is so handy I’ve already lost two of them to Transportation Security, and keep buying replacements. To be fair, they doubled in capacity with each new puchase while maintaining the same price, so it wasn’t exactly a painful loss. Gotta love Moore’s Law (and _The Ghost Brigades_).

  7. Now that is a list I can relate to… I am just so sad that Amazon charge so much for international postage… I wish we had a local Amazon here in the Southern Hemisphere… Oh and a bookstore that stocked your books, I have to order then in special… Then again being special is good right?
    Fight the good fight!

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