Daily Archives: June 9, 2006


In e-mail, someone wondering if I had thoughts on the most recent outrage in the science fiction community, which is that Asimov’s magazine killed a story it had bought from writer Jim Grimsley, called “Wendy.” As Grimsley writes at the Asimov magazine message boards: The story’s protagonist is a person with known genetic tendencies toward […]

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Readercon in July

Note to stalkers: I’ll be at Readercon 17 this July 7-9, because, what can I say, I’m a big, fat China Mieville fanboy. I’m still trying to decide if I can make Confluence, because I hear good things about it, and the convention also dispatched someone to Wiscon to ask me to come, which I […]

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Way Down in Kokomo, Plus TGB Review

Just a reminder, if you’re anywhere close to Indiana tomorrow, that I will be making an author appearance at Don’s Books in Kokomo tomorrow, Saturday, June 10, from noon until 2 p.m. I’ll be signing books for sure; I may also do a reading of some sort. Or possibly some interpretive dance. Or karaoke! It […]

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