It’s the Devil’s Book!


Oh no! My Amazon ranking for Old Man’s War shows that it is the work of the devil (and that yesterday it was the work of Boeing)!!!!!

This just gives me an excuse to show you the poster Whatever reader Jon Hansen made me the other day with that 6/6/06 picture I put up:


Jon Hansen, incidentally, recently pointed to what I have to suspect is Godwin’s Favorite Website: Hitler Cats, devoted to pictures of cats who — you guessed it — look like Hitler.

And look! Churchill Dogs!

6 Comments on “It’s the Devil’s Book!”

  1. The poster is really great but aside from knowing the model is there any real reason why someone would want to buy it?

    I’m not being snarky here. I’m just asking – what makes this poster special?

  2. Thanks for coming clean as to your true (and evil) purposes.

    To help others understand a little more, ‘calculating’ the numerological value of OMW’s ISBN number derives a 3. The reprint date, December 27 (12/27) also breaks down to 3. There are 3’s in the page count and product dimensions, as well. And just look at the previous day’s ranking; 747 is but another way to say 9, and we all know 9 is just a bunch of 3’s (3 of them!) in sheep’s clothing.

    For Nummies, 3 is a pretty ominous number because the Illuminati are big on it, and we all know how evil the Illuminati are*.

    Finally, 10.4 oz is Satan’s favorite weight.

    * Please don’t tell them I said that. I like not being a lizard.

  3. Tripp:

    “I’m just asking – what makes this poster special?”

    It’s made from kittens.

  4. Pfffft!

    OMG – good thing I’d just put the water bottle or the kittens reply would’ve spewed water all across my keyboard! (grin)

    Dr. Phil

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