Back from Kokomo


I had a lovely time at the book signing at Don’s Books in Kokomo, thanks to the tremendously nice and friendly staff of Don’s Books, who made a lovely display of books and gave me chocolates as a thank you gift for showing up. And they were really good chocolates, too, from a local business that makes its own chocolates in the store: J. Edwards Fine Chocolates and Baked Goods. I managed to exert some control and bring some chocolates home to wife and child, thus becoming the hero for the day. Self-restraint is a good thing. It was also nice seeing folks who had gone out of their way to come up to the signing; I was having enough of a good time chatting that I lost track of time and ended up staying quite a bit after my appointed signing time. There are worse things.

One additional fun thing for me: Don’s Books was stocking the latest printing of OMW, the one with the “Hugo Award Finalist” bug on it, which I had known about but hadn’t yet seen (that’d be the one in the picture, clearly). I’m a big ol’ geek for being excited about that, I suppose. But on the other hand, if you’re an SF writer and you’re not excited about that sort of thing, you’re either very jaded or very zen. And I’m neither at this point.

In all, a very good time with some good folks. Thanks to the folks who came out. I’m glad you did. Thanks also to Don’s Books for the welcome and the chocolates. All signings should go so well.

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  1. Not altogether. I did see the proprietor talk up the book to just about everyone who was there, and I suspect he’s been doing so for at least the last week in advance of my signing, and I myself signed at least a dozen while I was there. But I didn’t think to ask for a total number.

  2. Of course the real problem with plastering “Hugo Award Finalist” all over a book is that, in terms of maximum marketing impact, it becomes obsolete if the book wins a rocket. I do have the feeling that both you and Tor would find themselves willing to deal with this difficulty.

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