Daily Archives: June 12, 2006

The Dewey Donation System

Since 2003, my friend, fellow author and blogger Pamela Ribon has done an annual charity drive wherein she picks a group of libraries who are in need of some timely donations and encourages all her readers (and others) to make a donation of books or cash to the libraries. This year she had gussied up […]

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Subterranean Magazine To Press

For those of you wondering when Subterranean Magazine issue #4 would go to press: Today is that day. Even as I type these words, the mighty presses are whirring and clanking and making whatever other noises presses make, and then the copies will be sent to subscribers, people who have purchased single copies, and to […]

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Odds/Ends, 06/12/06

Little things that are happening to me and/or I’m thinking about: * Look who’s come crawling back. It’s my cell phone, making its return to me after two weeks of solo adventures about which it apparently chooses not to speak. Fine, be that way, you little clamshelled bastard. I’ll find out, one way or another. […]

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