Subterranean Magazine To Press


For those of you wondering when Subterranean Magazine issue #4 would go to press: Today is that day. Even as I type these words, the mighty presses are whirring and clanking and making whatever other noises presses make, and then the copies will be sent to subscribers, people who have purchased single copies, and to the contributors. This doesn’t mean it’s too late to order your own copy, however. Hey, all the cool kids are doing it.

13 Comments on “Subterranean Magazine To Press”

  1. Follow me don’t follow me
    I’ve got my spine, I’ve got my Orange Crush

    So, I remember talk of a April/May release for the magazine… Was there a reason for the lag, or do These Things Just Happen?

  2. No offense to the other contributors, but from a commercial standpoint, I would definitely have put Scott Westerfeld’s name on the cover, and I’m kind of boggled that they didn’t.

  3. “They” would be me in this case, and the reason I didn’t is that Scott’s contribution — a collection of SF cliche haikus — is very short. Very funny and very excellent, mind you. But very short. I didn’t want give the suggestion that there was something more there from Scott than there was. And in any event we have award-winners, best-sellers and hot rising writers all represented on the cover. It’s a pretty good mix.

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