Presidential Oops


To the folks sending the e-mails, yes, I heard about the presidential faux pas today with Dubya joshing a reporter about his sunglasses, not knowing the reporter was legally blind. Yes, it’s an oopsie. No, I don’t particularly care. Nor do I think it’s yet another example of Bush’s inhumanity to man, or whatever. Apparently Dubya didn’t know, because the reporter had never made a big deal out of it (he wears the sunglasses to help prevent macular degeneration or some such). And in any event the president did the right thing by calling the reporter and apologizing. Done, taken care of, move on.

I mean, yes, I can understand why all y’all might think this sort of thing is something I’d giggle about like a schoolgirl. But you know, I do try to base my dislike of the president on genuine political and policy issues rather on him making a goof. Sometimes I fail in the noble quest. But not this time. Or to put it another way, if the reporter in question doesn’t seem to have been notably offended by the president’s hijinx, I’m not entirely sure why I should be.

Wednesday Author Interview: Pamela Ribon

Over at By The Way I’ve got an interview with Pamela Ribon, author, blogger and the mastermind behind the Dewey Donation System which so many of you have been kind enough to get behind (thanks!). It’s an interesting discussion on how Pamie got involved with book donations, and what libraries mean to her. Check it out.

Athena on Flag Day

Because Flag Day is every child’s favorite holiday!

You can see the entire set o’ pictures here.