Wednesday Author Interview: Pamela Ribon

Over at By The Way I’ve got an interview with Pamela Ribon, author, blogger and the mastermind behind the Dewey Donation System which so many of you have been kind enough to get behind (thanks!). It’s an interesting discussion on how Pamie got involved with book donations, and what libraries mean to her. Check it out.

5 Comments on “Wednesday Author Interview: Pamela Ribon”

  1. I’d nominate my own employer, the Buffalo & Erie County Public Library for this but it seems kind of greedy since they didn’t have a hurricane, just a 25% cut to their budget requiring them to make the hard choice of new material vs branches open vs staff layoffs. Anyway, good cause. Thanks for the interview.

  2. Barn door, horse gone and all… but has she ever got played out by a scam doing this? Maybe some dude named “Austin Library,” or something?

  3. I love it when my favorite places on the web collide. Thanks John. The interview with pamie wamred my heart and made me think of my own library memories as a child.

  4. Well, of course, Pamie and I go back a ways (we’ve known each other since the last century!). She’s a good egg, and dynamite on the karaoke stage.