Daily Archives: June 15, 2006

Jim Baen

Several SF blogs are reporting that Baen Books publisher Jim Baen has had a stroke and is now in the hospital. Most of them have gotten it from Steve Barnes; I’ve seen the general story confirmed elsewhere by someone who would be in a position to know. Apparently there may be a further announcement regarding […]

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Preserve This

Here’s another feather in Bush’s cap, in my humble opinion: Bush creates world’s biggest ocean preserve: President Bush on Thursday created the world’s largest marine protected area — a group of remote Hawaiian islands that cover 84 million acres and are home to 7,000 species of birds, fish and marine mammals, at least a quarter […]

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Dude, I so totally thought of this first for Old Man’s War: A new “liquid armor” could be the solution for protecting the parts of the body that aren’t currently covered by standard-issue ballistic vests – arms and legs, where many of these devastating and life-threatening injuries occur. Co-developed by two research teams – one […]

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