My Progeny, Her Self


Yeah, this picture just about sums it up. Also, contrary to what you might think, owing to this being my child, she is not actually flipping the double bird here in the picture, she’s merely propping up the eyebrows. Really.

One of the things you know about fatherhood going in is that you’re going to love your kid. That’s a given. What’s a bonus is when you genuinely like your kid, which is to say that your kid is a human being that you think is interesting and fun and someone you’d like to know both better and for a nice, long time. I’m always constantly amazed how much I really like Athena, not just for all the things we share in common but also for the things that make her singularly herself; she’s my kid but she’s becoming her own person, which seems about right.

As she’s growing into that person, I have a daughter, a friend, a co-conspirator in various goofy pictures, and an inspiration, both practical (gotta send her to college) and ineffable. That’s a good deal for me, no matter how you look at it. I feel pretty lucky to be able to know her. For Father’s Day, my wish for all you other fathers is that you get to feel the same way about your own kids.


11 Comments on “My Progeny, Her Self”

  1. Blessed is the man who is happy with his children. :) Happy Father’s Day! And if your daughter is as lucky in her father as I am, she’ll be a very happy woman.

  2. Wow. That sums up Father’s Day in a nutshell. And fatherhood!

    After I was given my gifts this AM by wife and Kid (a funky bamboo print shirt and a funkier ring) my wife and I sat looking at our best Mother’s and Father’s Day gift as it played Animal Crossings on its Nintendo DS. My wife asked, “Where did that cute little baby that we once had go?”

    Without looking up from her LCD world, Gift answered, “THose days are long gone, ma’am.”

    Happy Father’s Day!


  3. Kids don’t grow up likeable all by themselves. I think you deserve some credit there :)

    Beautiful writing, btw. I was stuck in a self-inflicted grumpy mood this morning, but you kicked me out of it. Thanks!

  4. It’s on Father’s Day that I’m most envious of guys with children and sorriest that I didn’t have any of my own. Enjoy!