Before and After

What a difference six months makes.



It’s the last day of spring. I hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Mabye it was for y’all out east, but for us in Colorado, winter ended about six weeks ago after never really getting all that started.

    Three winters ago, that was the long one. The one with the blizzard that buried and shut down the whole of Denver and had me snowshoeing to the convenience store to keep us alive.

  2. This is what people who live in La-La-Land, California, don’t understand — we need the seasons to keep up healthy and humbled.

    The Midwest rocks. (grin)

    Dr. Phil

  3. Man, we got nothin’ in Maine. They got more snow in Massahoolietz than we did.

    We got rain. And rain. And cold. Very little snow.

    But now we got sun.

    Summer is gonna be good.

  4. I used to live in Cincinnati and it does make me long for the area, but not in January. I’m now in Sacramento. It’s for the next six days the forecast is – 99 F, 104 F, l06 F, l08 F, 106 F, 100 F. As someone who used to live in Fresno you can remember summer Valley weather.

    Now I’m longing for Cincinnati – and I’ll luckily be there this weekend.

  5. Hey, we got seasons in CA — fire, flood, earthquake, and riot. They just don’t come at regular intervals…

  6. Bah. We haven’t even had spring yet here in Seattle; and at present, it’s about 55 degrees and threatening to rain. That’s been the weather (more or less) ever since I got here in March. This does not please me, as I believe I’ve made abundantly clear on me LJ.

    [:: beats head against table ::]

  7. Oh, Cherie, I grew up in Oregon and you’re making me homesick!

    We could do with about six months of soaking, persistent drizzle here in Colorado. It’d green things right up, I tell you.

  8. It’s not the clothesline. It’s the line to prop up the blackberry canes.

  9. Yeah… I yanked the blackberries shortly after the birds discovered them and then discovered a nice place to eat them would be while sitting on my clothesline.

    By the way, John, that winter picture is amazing. I’m going to swipe that and take it to the cemetery and tell them “when you bury me, I want it to look just like this.”

  10. Just remember that it will look like the other picture about half the time, Dan.

  11. Because a cross is a useful shape for stringing up wire to support the canes (there’s another cross like it on the other side of the garden, and the wires are strung between them).

  12. “crucifilicious!”
    As the cross style works very well for this purpose I personally prefer the X style.
    With a giant X you can get more support as the X style naturaly tapers towards the middle.
    It also allows for more than just one line on each side. I normally use 3 lines on each side.
    Another style is a V.
    These two alternate styles also relieve the misconception that some poor dead pet is buried under that “cross” (and feeding) the Blackberries … Yuk!

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