This is a fairly accurate pictorial representation of how I feel today, thanks to staying up late late late to finish a magazine article (this is part of the whole “other side of my writing life” all y’all don’t know all that much about). It also means that just about the most complex thought I can hold in my head at the moment is “I like gum.”

So in the absence of me being of any particular use in the thinking front, here: A site with 1,400 videos from the 80s, including massively obscure favorites I haven’t seen in 20 years, like “Belly of the Whale” by Burning Sensations, and ones I never did see at the time, like “The Big Picture,” from Y Tori Kant Read, the absolutely terribly band Tori Amos was in before she became, you know, Tori Amos. Lots of fun for those of us who were there are the time, and if you were too young to have seen these when they first showed up, well, you get to be entirely appalled that such things exist in your world. Sorry, man. At the time, they seemed cool.

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