New Favorite Photoshop Effect

Diffuse Glow (0 grain) + 50% boost in saturation.

It’s an interesting look.

Incidentally, if it seems like I’m posting pictures more than writing anything of any consequence over the last couple of days, that’s because that’s basically what I’m doing. I’m in an unaccountably foul mood over the last few days, and I’m largely avoiding posting anything that requires me to say anything longer than a paragraph because if I don’t it’s likely to slide into incoherent ranting about how 90% of humanity must be taking jackass pills or something. Yes, I know it’s fun to see me when I’m in a mood, in that “ha, ha, let’s watch the drunken dancing monkey” way. But I’m not in a mood about anything in particular; it’s more of a free floating exasperation with the universe. And that’s not particularly interesting (at least it’s not that interesting to me). It’ll pass. In the meantime: look, pictures.

You Don’t Need a Weatherman to Know Which Way the Wind Blows

Just before the thunderstorm:

We’re in the thunderstorm right now. Wheee!