New Favorite Photoshop Effect

Diffuse Glow (0 grain) + 50% boost in saturation.

It’s an interesting look.

Incidentally, if it seems like I’m posting pictures more than writing anything of any consequence over the last couple of days, that’s because that’s basically what I’m doing. I’m in an unaccountably foul mood over the last few days, and I’m largely avoiding posting anything that requires me to say anything longer than a paragraph because if I don’t it’s likely to slide into incoherent ranting about how 90% of humanity must be taking jackass pills or something. Yes, I know it’s fun to see me when I’m in a mood, in that “ha, ha, let’s watch the drunken dancing monkey” way. But I’m not in a mood about anything in particular; it’s more of a free floating exasperation with the universe. And that’s not particularly interesting (at least it’s not that interesting to me). It’ll pass. In the meantime: look, pictures.

22 Comments on “New Favorite Photoshop Effect”

  1. Nice pictures. I particularly like the cat one.

    When I was in that mood recently, I started the LotR re-read project. Possibly giving myself more work to do was not the best idea, but it did seem to help.

    (Usually I read Pratchett, but for some reason I didn’t want to this time.)

    Good luck shedding it.

  2. Damn. I hate when people take jackass pills. Sucks.

    Nce pictures of the kid. Mine scowls at me alot.

    Actually I am hin=ding in my basement spo i don’t have to sit through Contact and get teary when they show pictures of her and the dad. That kills me.

  3. Crap. Guess it wasn’t the best time to send you a ‘help me’ email, eh? Oh well, you win some, you lose some. :-D

  4. I’m right there with you on the jackass nature of reality this week. Both my wife and I have been in especially ugly moods this week, and have taken to living in different rooms until today for the sake of not snarling ugly regrettables at each other. We seem to be marginally better today, and each apologised to the other.

    Cool pictures, by the way. I’ll have to try that.

  5. Frankly I’m amazed that you think the proportion of people on jackass pills is as low as 90%. But then I work customer service, we get extra cynicism pills.

  6. Aw geez, I go and take a friendly jab at you when your mood is down. Sorry. I didn’t know.

  7. Tripp:

    Huh? I didn’t notice any jab. Which may suggest my recent state of mind.

  8. Interesting effect. Hadn’t occurred to me to go to zero grain, since I kinda like grain. I generally like the pastel nature of the DG filter, but I’ll try increasing saturation.on a few pics. Nice stuff.

  9. Star Chores: Infiltration

    “That’s far enough, Matt. Hold our position.” Sissy commmanded cooly. The deck was bathed in red light, and the Bird of Prey continued to fill the view screen. “Why are we staying here?” Teresa asked. “We’re cloaked, remember. That Bird

  10. John,

    Over in the big-head comment section I wrote:

    staying up late late late to finish a magazine article

    Once you learn to read without moving your lips it goes much faster!

  11. Tripp:

    Ah. Don’t worry about it. I thought that was kind of funny. Kind of.

  12. John,

    The art director at the little ad agency where I work quite liked your photos. Said to really evaluate how useful the effect might be, though, she’d also want to see the “before” set.

    Any chance of diving once more into, ah, the digital developing tank?

  13. I was just turning this into a Photoshop action when I discovered that the background color has a lot to do with how Diffuse Glow turns out. Try it with something other than white! (I had a dark maroon chosen, which turned out… less than good.)