And Now The Bad News

I’m at crunch time for The Last Colony, which means that from tomorrow until the end of July I’m going to spend almost all of my waking life writing, buffing and polishing that book in anticipation of shipping it off to its editor. My blathering here is very like to wrench down to a minimum. I know I’ve said that before, but by God, this time I mean it. This means entries are likely to get very short, and the likelihood of me spending a whole lot of time in the comment threads is fairly small (depending on who you are, you may find this a good thing).

I was in a similar crunch last July and brought in guest bloggers for what I thought was a very interesting (and highly successful) month. I don’t think I’ll repeat this trick this year but I may entertain the notion of bringing in a couple of other folks to post when the mood strikes them. I’ll decide that this week. No, this isn’t an open call; I’ll contact the folks I’m interested in if I go that way.

Once The Last Colony is done, I’m sure I’ll be back to my hypergraphic ways around here. But I hope you’ll indulge me over the five weeks if the Whatever is not filled with the same mass o’ text you’re used to. I promise, I’m still writing, just somewhere else where you can’t see it. Yet.

Update: 10pm: Also, I’ve redone the colors around here.

John Scalzi: Egotistical Toady-Loving Asshole?

Due to my reaction to a number of his recent posts, a fellow who comments here at the Whatever has decided to take his leave of this sunny vale, but not without offering a kiss-off which reads, in part:

You’re an asshole with an inflated ego who only truly suffers the company of sycophants & makes no effort to even try see anyone else’s point of view.

Well, I have my own opinions on this assessment of my own self, but because I’m just this way, I thought I’d throw this open to discussion. So:

Resolved: John Scalzi:

a) Is an asshole;
b) Has an inflated ego;
c) Suffers only the company of sycophants;
d) Makes no effort to see anyone else’s point of view.

Discuss. Are all these true? None? Some but not all? I crave your opinion on the matter!

To assure that all and sundry feel free to express themselves freely, this thread will not be edited (excepting for spam), nor will I participate in the thread. I trust that you all will play nicely with each other.

Have fun, you crazy kids.