Daily Archives: June 27, 2006

Back to the Amendment Junkpile

Flag amendment fails. Yet again. Back into its hole for another year. Thank you to the 34 senators whose brains are not made of cottage cheese on this matter.

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Subterranean Magazine #4 Update

I’ve been informed that most copies of Subterranean Magazine issue #4 were mailed today and the rest will be mailed tomorrow, so those of you who have ordered copies: Here they come! (And those of you who have not ordered a copy: It’s not too late to turn away from a life of deprivation. Here’s […]

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An Unfathomable Cavalcade of Riches

A banner day for SF/F lovers, today is, because four big novels drop into the stores: Fellow Campbell nominee Sarah Monette’s The Virtu, which has gotten a lovely starred review in Publishers Weekly (“This sequel is every bit as original and satisfying as its predecessor”); Scott Lynch’s debut novel The Lies of Lock Lamora, which […]

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