Clouds and Rainbows 06/28/06

You need to see that one in the larger version, I think.

Athena loves rainbows.

Whole set here.

6 Comments on “Clouds and Rainbows 06/28/06”

  1. Amazing pictures, John. You’re right – you really do need to see the cloud picture large.


  2. The Hungry Hungry Hippo cloud is the best.

    I actually was in a brief fight over the outcome of a Hungry Hungry Hippos game as a teenager, but I lost too badly to share details here.

    I also won $300 playing Candyland, but that’s a story for another entry.

  3. COME ON!!!


    also, it’s true, look at athena’s eyes, she isn’t looking in camera, she’s looking over the camera at whoever it is taking the picture.

    That Daddy would say “athena loves rainbows” while simultaneously ignorant of the fact that athena is looking at her daddy, or mother is a noteworthy fact.

    sorry, but.

    I’m SO RIGHT! I don’t want recognition, I just want someone else to see that athena is looking at the person taking the picture!

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