On Tonight’s Episode of “Those Crazy Clones!”


When Clone #1 won’t share his copy of Subterranean Magazine #4 — the SF Cliche issue — Clone #2 gets upset, and Clone #3 takes matters, and a battle axe, into his own hands.

Those crazy clones!

(In other news, yes, the magazine has arrived. It looks great. Get your own copy. And then get one for your clone. Because you know how they get.)

20 Comments on “On Tonight’s Episode of “Those Crazy Clones!””

  1. You’ve got those crazy mad Photoshop skillz, yo!

    Aside from that, I have the exact same stove as you. Man… I hate that stove. Crumbs and junk get worked into the corners and you can’t pick them up. Oh, and let’s not forget the torture of boiling water. Do you sit there like me listening to the pot rumble as it just barely reaches the boiling point only to hear the burner “click” and turn off because you don’t want to get that water too hot too quickly, ya know? Stupid, Frigidaire. Serves me right for buying a stove with the word “frigid” in the name.

    Sorry about that… I’ll pull myself together and order a copy of Subterranean.

  2. Dude, I got three copies… though by the size of that box maybe you got more. Good thing I’ve only got the two clones. My wife, on the other hand… she’ll have to share mine, I guess.

  3. Right around July 28th you’ll be breaking out the crystal meth because you spent the previsou three weeks goofing in Photoshop, taking pictures of your child and other inanities.

    Just like I would.

  4. The very thought of John on some sort of methamphetamine is very disturbing to me, and I’ve never even met him. Like how I warn my folks not to give Puppy (a boy, not a puppy) caffeine, because, well, I know what happens. They failed to heed my advice, once. Just once.

  5. Excuse me, but what does one do if their clones doesn’t like to read SF? Worse, what if they prefer to read only authors who lived before the nineteenth century?

    Elitist clones are so annoying.

  6. I’m still patiently awaiting my copy of Subterranean Magazine #4. Patiently….patiently…PATIENTLY!!!!

  7. That’s a cool effect. I did that one time with my camera and told it to take one picture every 5 seconds, and all I did was splice them together.

  8. I just got a tripod for my camera and cloned myself on it (and some pets). Isn’t it just too serendipitous that my first cloned picture got uploaded on the same day as this? I think so.

  9. There’s a store in Boston that sells battle-axes and maces and stuff (one of the few decorative matters that I ever yielded to my husband on was crossed axes over the fireplace). If you want something from there, we can maybe work out a deal.

  10. There’s a store in Boston that sells battle-axes and maces and stuff

    1. I know the store.

    2. This is the scariest suggestion I’ve seen in a comment in quite a while.

  11. I’m still waiting. I think the evil clone (there’s ALWAYS an evil clone) wrote this in order to tease John’s readers.
    I’m writing to Subterranean to see when the little people might expect to see these in the mail.

  12. According to Bill at Subterranean, we have to wait a bit longer:
    “Subscriber copies go out bulk mail, so it might be another week or so.”

  13. “They’re here!”
    I haven’t had a moment to read the magazine yet, but I’m anticipating wanting a venue to praise the contributors. Perhaps the proprietor of this fine establishment might consider starting a post for the purpose? [bats eyelashes]

  14. I will never grow tired of your clones. Aside from one particular Athena cloning incident a long while ago, this one’s my favorite.

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