Say Goodnight, Gracie


Bye, June!

I’m taking a break until the 5th. I do hope you’ll find something to do to occupy your time until then.

One idea: Vote for the Hugo Awards! As you may recall, Old Man’s War has been nominated for Best Novel, and I’ve been nominated for the Campbell Award for Best New Writer. There are also other worthy candidates in both categories and in other categories as well. So if you’re a voting member of this year’s Worldcon, it’d be nice if you could swing over and do your thing. If you’re not a Worldcon member, well: There’s still time to join.

Have a great 4th of July (or 1st of July if you’re one of those wacky Canadians). See you all next Wednesday.

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  1. Tomorrow is Ward Cleaver day, where you get to say goodbye to June – ith the traditional toast, “Ward, I think you were a little hard on the Beaver last night.”

  2. Aren’t fireworks legal Ohio? You should Old Man’s War on that dude who built the garage in front of your sunset view.

    When the time comes to attack Canada, we should hit them on July 1st, like the ‘Rabs did in 1973 (they lost, but they also made their best showing). Either that, or during the seventh game of the NHL finals.

  3. I only just bought the last copy of “old mans war” from my local borders, at first it couldn’t be found and I told the customer service chick “You know it’s gonna win the hugo right? you should order more, maybe it’s not selling, cuz you only have one fucking copy, and everyone thinks it’s gone?”

    Anyways, I bought it, and the opening is a lot more contemporary, but that basic attitude in the first 100 pages (what I’ve read so far) is basicaly 1/enders game. A simple guy unaware of the world around him understand what it is to be a warrior, just like ender. Also, the dystopic representation of age, and the nihilism of sexuality (in the first hundred pages) is reminiscent of heinlein, but I see a lot more enders game, though you are actually, . . . .much more FULL! in your depictions of characters.

    One more thing. My favorite Sci-fi writers? They include Science, but then they destroy it with the “what do we know” aspect. Moon is a harsh mistress, martian chronicles, hell, even cherryh, and bujold. The writer gives a nod to just enough science as they might understand, and then they say “as for this I have no clue” and you did that BRILLIANTLY (as I said in the first 100 pages) with henry.

    You are writer who uses science as a foundation for fiction, rather than fiction as a foundation for scientific thesis. I LIKE your style, if I finish “Old Mans War” by tomorrow (likely) I am gonna go get “Ghost Brigades” I LOVE your . . . .feel.

    To tell the truth, If Aspirin (in the earlier myth days) cared about facts as well as story? He would have your sense of humor, but Aspirin doesn’t come CLOSE to your skills, you have a FULL story, with a full batch of characters.

    Sorry for a WAY outdated review of “old mans war” but, I’m entranced, I’m logging off right now to finish it.

    out boss.

  4. I’m on page. . . . 183 of the trade paperback.

    And while I think you kinda get the basic ideaology of most who serve, I have to wonder. . . . have you ever?

    though many of those who serve are young, they don’t have the sanctioned educational authority that many think defines intellectuals and such, but . . .at 21, 22, 23, 24 and so on, they are not fools. Speak to an active serviceman who is 10 years younger than you? they man know less about the nature of the creative voice, the history of sci-fi, the ability to create a stimulating outline in language, but if you actually speak to them, if you tell them who you are and what you do? they will be silent for some time, since you are an intellectual, but if you continue to speak to them as though they are humans? they will open up, and they are VERY VERY VERY interesting people.

    The will tell you stories, counter to your novels, only built on fact that would make your balls shrink, they will tell you SILLY stories that makes them seem less, though they are the ones willing to tell them, they will share common stories that we’ve all experienced, but give a flavor of specific experience, making it humorous or terrifying.

    Those who’ve worn the uniform, even in peacetime, are not small men, and, I don’t know when you started “old mans war” but, ESPECIALLY now, those young men who wear the uniform, are not small men.

    (I’m not judging you yet, I haven’t finished the book, but so far, you are WAY too private ryan, rather than Starship Troopers (the book not the movie))

    Also, GREAT language, reads like a page six, only with talent!!! GREAT TALENT!!! You deserve the hugo.

  5. Okay, I retract, kinda, with your p193 johnathan swift paralel, and the definition of what it is to actually serve.

    Thats a good ballance.. Sorry about the previous, I haven’t finished yet.

    I’m sorta live commenting your book.

  6. I hate to say it Im voting for George RR Martins “A Feast for Crows”. The A Song of Ice and Fire books are so amazing. I really do love Old Mans War though.

  7. You had great advice in your post for teenage writers. Yes, as a teacher, I can tell you that their writing really does suck… unfortunately. But it is a joy to see it improve.

  8. Oh, happy day! Oh, happy day! When I received my Subterranean magazine issue #4 in the mail.

    Have a happy 4th everyone!

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