Daily Archives: July 4, 2006

Music to Slaughter Aliens By

John Joseph Adams calls my attention to a Finnish metal band called Ghost Brigade, which plays the sort of music just right for shredding your face right off. Here, try some. Maybe if The Ghost Brigades ever gets made into a movie, these guys can be on the soundtrack. And look: An album entitled The […]

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The Prodigal Kitty

I don’t want to out myself as one of those crazy cat people. But Ghlaghghee disappeared the other night and spent close to two days away from the house, and when she came back this morning, I gave her a good talking to. Where have you been? I asked her. You think you can just […]

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What I’ll Be Doing at Readercon

I’m doing well enough with my book writing that I’ll drop in here a day early from my self-imposed exile to give all y’all my Readercon schedule for this weekend. It’s a relatively light schedule, just three things, but they’re all fairly interesting: Friday, 7pm SF and Continuing Human Evolution Charles Oberndorf , Jeff Hecht, […]

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