Music to Slaughter Aliens By


John Joseph Adams calls my attention to a Finnish metal band called Ghost Brigade, which plays the sort of music just right for shredding your face right off. Here, try some. Maybe if The Ghost Brigades ever gets made into a movie, these guys can be on the soundtrack.

And look: An album entitled The Android’s Dream. Although I suppose that’s not too surprising.

4 Comments on “Music to Slaughter Aliens By”

  1. I just CAN’T hack that stuff. Just doesn’t sound like music to me. Could get the same effect by going to any industrial facility and taping it…

  2. Well I must dissagree with Smurf ’cause I love the music from Ghost Brigade… so much so I am dl’n there EP as I type… you can get it for free from there web site via the link provided by John…
    You gotta love the scandinavian Heavy Rock sound… :)

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