The Prodigal Kitty


I don’t want to out myself as one of those crazy cat people. But Ghlaghghee disappeared the other night and spent close to two days away from the house, and when she came back this morning, I gave her a good talking to. Where have you been? I asked her. You think you can just leave when you want and come back when you want and not let us know where you are? Not while you live under my roof.

To which she looked up at me with her cute little eyes and said, I suspect, Dude, I’m a cat. I haven’t the first clue what you’re saying to me. Now enough with the blah blah blah. Feed me. I’ve got a nap to get to.

Note to self: No more arguments with the cat. The cat doesn’t care.

Stupid cat.

I’m glad she’s back.

19 Comments on “The Prodigal Kitty”

  1. Cats are never so glad to see you that they might actually, ya know, acknowledge your existence.

  2. From the Notebooks of Lazarus Long:
    “Never try to outstubborn a cat.”

  3. The cat’s allowed to nap on the cream sofa? And you live in the middle of miles of lawn? Wow, he(?) gets away with a lot… But I’m glad he’s back, too!

  4. Maybe she set out on a quest to find owners who would call her something other than Ghlaghghee. What is the origin of that name? It sounds like something than should eat cats.

  5. 2 years ago, our cat ran away for 3 weeks. We had just given up on her, when she showed up at the back door one night. Skinnier, but other than that, same old cat.

  6. My blasted furbeast is at the vet with a urinary tract blockage and hypothermia, after a stint on Valium for what we thought was a behavior issue. How can we get so attached to such aloof, nonchalant creatures?


  7. {{ Heh. “Dogs have owners, cats have staff.” }}

    It’s funny because it’s true. Also,

    “It’s a cat’s world;
    we’re just here to open the cans”

  8. Glad she’s back. One of our cats was let out by the house-sitter at Christmas, and it took more than a week to find him.

  9. You aren’t anybody until you’re snubbed by a cat. By reverse logic I must be highly important, somewhere. And nothing is friendlier than a cat jonesing for food, most especially when tuna is up for grabs.

  10. Bruce: Thanks for the lesson in linguistics. I actually had a class on it in college. Believe it or not, this is the first time in the six years since I took the class that I wish I would have paid better attention. It was a bit of a sleeper.

    I knew there had to be a logical explanation.

  11. That’s odd. My cat (male, even) won’t leave me the heck alone. Always mewling and whining. And never to anyone but me. Lucky for him he’s non-destructive and generally very cute and sweet. Or there’d be no cat. But having had at least two cats at any point in my life growing up, I understand what it’s like to have one go missing. I’m glad she’s back all safe and sound.

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