Daily Archives: July 11, 2006

Insipid Thinking

In the mail today: A copy of Jonathan Letham’s new book, How We Got Insipid, from Subterranean Press; it’s a collection of two of Lethem’s short stories which have apparently been out of circulation for a while, even though one of them (“How We Got in Town and Out Again”) was nominated for a World […]

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Two Points About Gitmo

Two things about today’s White House decision to, what the heck, give Gitmo detainees protections under the Geneva Conventions: 1. Real shame that it only took a Supreme Court ruling to get to this point. 2. The decision should give comfort to everyone convinced that Bush was going to go completely off the farm and […]

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Speculative Literature Foundation’s Mentorship Program

So, I’m going to be part of the Speculative Literature Foundation’s mentorship program for this fall (it actually runs from August 1 to October 31). What this means is that I’ll be talking shop about writing and the publishing industry directly (via e-mail) with a small group of novice writers. I will be joined in […]

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