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Bits and Pieces 7/15/06

Little things:

* A literary notable named Nancy Pearl has plugged Old Man’s War, which I think is awfully nice of her. I regret to say I’m not entirely sure who she is (curse me and my non-listening-to-NPR ways), but I’ve been assured this is a good thing, and she has nice things to say about the book, and I’m delighted to be read and recommended by people who are outside the usual circles of SF reader. So thanks, Nancy Pearl.

* I’ve been asked by folks if I have any thoughts about the latest round of fighting in the mideast; I don’t, other than general worry. Anyone who knows me knows I’ve long been a supporter of the right of Israel to exist and defend itself; they also know I wish that the modern state of Israel had been founded in, say, Nebraska. I do wonder if there’s a deeper strategy here that I’m not seeing; Hezbollah has been funded and armed by Iran, or so I’ve been led to understand, and I wonder if this recent action is not some sort of sock puppet action to draw attention away from Iran’s own agenda and also a long-term attempt to sap US military strength (the US is obliged to help defend Israel but it’s already fairly extended, as we all know, in Iraq and Afghanistan). This is the curse of knowing just enough about a situation to make one paranoid.

* Earlier this week Joseph Tranfo called me out to discuss same-sex marriage one his own blog Benedict; unfortunately I’ve been too busy writing and editing to discuss the issue substantively, but those readers who are interested in having a serious discussion with him on the subject should go over. Here’s the first entry he did on the subject (with my quick and cowardly “I’m too busy!” response), and he’s followed it up with a second right after it. I don’t need to tell you this, but if you go over, please play nice. Ironically, this comment thread is still active; the recent comments have some folks trying to convince me that same-sex marriage isn’t really marriage, and attempting to sell me the whole “there’s still a debate!” line that I decry in the original entry. Needless to say I’m not buying.

* Book updates: My edit of Coffee Shop is back to Subterranean Press; hopefully we’ll have ARCs to give out to folks. Most of the edits were due to my abominable speeeling and gremmar, although in a couple of places I needed to root out phrases like “you can click here to see more on this,” because, after all, clicking on a book doesn’t actually let you follow a hyperlink. Damn old-school media. The Last Colony proceeds apace. Did I mention it’s got Mennonites? Well, it does.

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