Quick Change

Yeah, I decided that purple really wasn’t me. Thus the change in the colors and pictures. Also, for those of you using the search page, the “dark-on-dark” thing should be fixed.

If you can’t see the new design, you might need to clear out your Web cache.

25 Comments on “Quick Change”

  1. Hmm. I never really saw you as a zodiac kind of guy.

    So… What’s your sign?



  2. Actually, I got some really good writing done today, which is why I felt justified in a little fiddling. This is my reward for a job well done. Shoot me now.

  3. i really like it, but it doesn’t say “whatever” to me. it says something more like “sublimate your lust for your virgin goddess sister by murdering her platonic boyfriend then go rape a human girl by abducting her from a beach and swimming her across the ocean to found a new continent and give birth to twins who are half swan and a quarter launching a thousand ships while sprinkling a captive girl in a tower with a golden shower (of light, dude) and then turning a guy into a stag that his dogs eat ’cause he saw you nakid and making the point again and again that virginity is really fierce, then tying your virgin daughter to a rock for a sea “serpent”, if you know what i mean, and then commemorating the whole thing really publicly by making it shiny and spinning it around the globe”. ya know?

  4. The symmetry-whore in me wants you to continue the theme to the far right column where you currently only have dark blue. But still, me likey.

  5. Claire, that was hilarious.

    Hm. Looks good. I think I like it better than the purple. But then, I get the Whatever via Atom Feed, so I don’t see the layout unless I’m commenting.

  6. Aw, man, the theme done with pastel/crayons was gorgeous. I would put my mouse cursor on it and glow happily as I scrolled down and watched the color changes vs. the little white arrow. I mourn its passing, too soon taken from us! Alas!

    Someday in the holy land where we can choose which “skin” of the Whatever we like!

    Hm. Actually, the old theme would make a nice skin for something. Does it exist anywhere still, so I can stash it for a future time when I learn how to skin things?

  7. Ah, yes, the classics. Matricide. Patricide, Fratricide. Uxoricide. Maidens searching for godhead and vice versa…

    (Cribbed from Tom Stoppard, although the exact quote doesn’t seem to be online anywhere)

  8. GUIL: I thought you were actors.

    PLAYER (dawning): Oh. Oh, well, we are. We are. But there been much call –

    GUIL: You lost. Well, then – one of the Greeks, perhaps? You’re familiar with the tragedies of antiquity, are you? The great homicidal classics? Matri, patri, fratri, sorrori, uxori and it goes without saying –

    ROS: Saucy –

    GUIL: – Suicidal – hm? Maidens aspiring to godheads –

    ROS: And vice versa –

    GUIL: Your kind of thing, is it?

    PLAYER: Well, no, I can’t say it is, really. We’re more of the blood, love and rhetoric school.

    GUIL: Well, I’ll leave the choice to you, if there is anything to choose between them.


  9. Hey John, just thought you and the rest of the readers might be interested in having a look at this site. http://www.henryjenkins.org/ It’s Henry Jenkins blog, he’s the Director of the MIT Comparative Media Studies Program. It’s very interesting reading.

  10. Prettier. Reminds me of some of the cover work on one of the His Dark Materials boxed sets.

  11. “Optimized for 1024×768?” Have you no shame?!? Get out your CSS book, man, or get a geek friend of yours to fix it! Don’t let a silly old web browser get the best of you – are we men or are we mice?


  12. Ted

    “You put a piece of cheese down there and you’ll find out.”


    Yeah, that’s just what I was thinking too.

  13. i think you just did it to prove that you do, in fact, know something about astronomy.

    but maybe claire’s right. or funnier, anyways, and quicker on the draw.

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