Agent to the Stars on “Unshelved”


As the headline implies — nay, explicitly promises — the fine folks at Unshelved (America’s favorite library-based Web comic!) have done a comic strip featuring my novel Agent to the Stars. It’s pretty funny. That strip, that is. The book is, too. But that’s not important now.

6 Comments on “Agent to the Stars on “Unshelved””

  1. What’s with you and the smells? It’s like you got a nose or something? A nose for smells. I am ssoooo not funny.

  2. I am an Australian living in Russia, I see Russians eat Sunflower seeds EVERY DAY!! There is no reward, but, I have been told that it is a good bordem breaker – better than smokes, it takes longer, it costs less and it won’t give you lung cancer.

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