Danger! Danger!

I’m about to attempt an upgrade to Movable Type 3.31. Because I am of only questionable competence in these matters, the site may in fact vaporize. Don’t worry, I’ve downloaded the database.

The Shit Bounce

Prediction: Bush gets a 1-2 point bounce in the next poll taken after today’s off-guard “shit” moment. The reason: because, among other things, “what they need to do is get Syria to get Hezbollah to stop doing this shit” sounds amazingly sensible, and using the word “shit” in this context seems like earthy, folky wisdom, and Bush is supposed to be all earthy and folky. Now, whether having Syria tell Hezbollah to stop doing this shit would actually work is another matter entirely, and one I don’t feel entire qualified to comment upon, except to say that it would be nice if it were that simple. But as I said, it sounds good.

As an aside, this is another place where I’ll decline to take a potshot at the President. He was having lunch, he clearly didn’t realize his mike was live, and I pretty much think he should be let off the hook for having an unscripted moment of frustration regarding the fact that things have gone to Hell over there along the Israel-Lebanon border. It’s one thing to say something jackassed when you’re at the podium, making a speech, and God knows I think Bush has done that more than once. It’s another to utter a profanity and a not terribly controversial opinion when you’re eating something and talking to a colleague, even if that colleague is the Prime Minister of the UK. It’s not like he was saying “Dude, we’re totally bombing the shit out of Damascus tonight, heh heh heh heh.” In that case, there would be actual news, and the word “shit” would be the least interesting thing about it, instead of the most interesting thing, as it is here.

I know, I know. If I keep letting him pass on these little things, I’ll be drummed out of the Bush Hata Playa Club, Local #655. But honestly. Like I give a shit.

And Now, a Special Sneak Preview of The Last Colony You’ll Talk About For Years to Come!

Because you deserve it. Here it is, a special exclusive sneak preview of The Last Colony! Prepare youself! Take a deep breath! Gird your loins! This is it!

“Wow,” said Savitri. “This planet smells like an armpit.”

And there it was, your special, exclusive sneak preview! Now I bet you can’t wait to read the rest. Can you? Can you? Huh? Huh? Huh?