And Now, a Special Sneak Preview of The Last Colony You’ll Talk About For Years to Come!

Because you deserve it. Here it is, a special exclusive sneak preview of The Last Colony! Prepare youself! Take a deep breath! Gird your loins! This is it!

“Wow,” said Savitri. “This planet smells like an armpit.”

And there it was, your special, exclusive sneak preview! Now I bet you can’t wait to read the rest. Can you? Can you? Huh? Huh? Huh?

24 Comments on “And Now, a Special Sneak Preview of The Last Colony You’ll Talk About For Years to Come!”

  1. …this is going to sound kinda wierd and a little silly, but that might have just convinced me to buy TGB.

    I’ve been putting off reading it because I’ve got a bunch of other books I haven’t gotten to yet.

    In any case, cheers. Good luck with the writing and the deadline and whatnot.

  2. It’s your own fault that, despite the super-special sneak preview, The Last Colony will only displace my longing for the final book of the Magic or Madness trilogy by Justine Larbalestier if The Last Colony gets published first. See, I wouldn’t have known, except you blogged about her. Also, Scott Westerfeld. I am raising a teenager who is mostly disdainful of the choices I make, but she actually went out and bought Magic Lessons with her own money, and spent several of her work breaks in a bookstore, reading Pretties because she couldn’t wait for it to arrive in the mail.

    S’okay. I’m pretty sure The Last Colony is getting published first.

  3. “Wow,” said Savitri. “This planet smells like an armpit.”

    So it’s set on Earth then?

  4. “Wow,” said Savitri. “This planet smells like armpit.”

    *begin unsolicited editing*

    removed the “an.” sounds more like what a young grunt would say.

    *end unsolicited editing*

  5. You’re assuming she’s a grunt.

    good point. and what are you doing wasting time answering an anonymous bonehead like me? get back to work on the book. i’m dyin’ here

  6. Actually, I’m voting for Secaucus NJ — for those of us who’ve once driven/ridden across the plains of chemical death in the Garden State, one becomes a connoisseur of the fine bouquets of the various sites. (Though I will admit it’s been some years…)

    Dr. Phil

  7. Dr. Phil, you’ve posted the same comment four times now (I’ve been deleted the extra ones as they come up). I assume you’re not doing it on purpose, but please try not to do it any more. Thanks!

  8. Chang and Dr. Phil, my guess would be more like Camden. Of course, I haven’t been to Jersey for many years since growing up (cultured) east of Camden.

    Strange how this is only being compared to cities in NJ.

  9. I guess I shouldn’t slag my ancestral home state (for both my wife and I – though her family arrived here about 300 years after mine). Especially since smack dab between my work and home is the B&M baked beans factory. On a good day, you can smell the pork forever. Forever. Forever. Forever. Forever. Forever. Forever. Forever. Forever. Forever. Forever. Forever. Forever.

  10. Bus Station Attendant: I suggest you not underestimate the staggering drawing power of the Garden State…


  11. Um. Ooops. Sorry for the double post. And also for missing your other post pointing out the comic.

  12. Apologies for multiple sendings. My current laptop gets into this mode where it forgets where it left the Wi-Fi connection. “Most” of the time when this happens, it is after I’ve taken some time to write in a comment box like this one — “usually” when the Post/Send command is ignored it never got there in the first place and I don’t get repeats. In this case, I never got the connection back and killed the browser and rebooted — and didn’t bother to go back and rewrite my not-so-important posting.

    Naturally, the patch to fix this known issue with the built-in Wi-Fi fixed the problem for a week until the next Windows Update session… I do so love computers.

    Dr. Phil

  13. It’s not an opening line.

    Well, it is, but for a chapter, not the whole book.

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