Hello, Wisconsin!

The Oshkosh Northwestern did an interview with me that will be published this Saturday, but the reporter Bethany Warner also blogs, and has posted a version of the interview on her site. You can read it here. The telling line, when asked about my writing process: “There’s a writing process? Why didn’t someone tell me this before?” Man, I crack myself up.

A Telling Sign Things Are Not Going Well in the Marriage


Yeah. It’s subtle, sure. But if you look closely you can see some real tension there. You know, between the lines.

This is from here.

Note to self: Try not to inspire wife to put up embarrassing billboard.

Update: In comments, Nancy Nall thinks it’s viral advertising. Defamer agrees with her. If it is, it’s reasonably clever. Although it would be more interesting if it were real.

Geek Loser

You know, yesterday the latest editions of Official US PlayStation Magazine, Electronic Gaming Monthly, Popular Science and PC Week came to my door, and I thought, look at all this nerdishness! I am a geek god! And then I tried to install Movable Type 3.3 and failed utterly. I am a geek loser, and just think about what it means when you can’t even be a geek. I might as well hide in a hole. But at least I didn’t destroy my existing install in the process. I’ll try again at some other point.

I did, however, do at least one other geek-related thing, which is that I got an invite to join Vox, which is SixApart’s new do-everything social network site, which is still in beta. I whomped up a page there, which you can see here. As far as generic blog-hosting goes, it’s fairly attractive, with all sorts of various Web 2.0 bells and whistles, like the ability to host and stream mp3s, take photos from Flickr and so on and so forth. It’s got so many nice bells and whistles, in fact, that I wonder why the blank-blankety-blank Six Apart offers them for free on Vox while my Movable Type install, which I paid for, thank you very much, has almost none of them. Perhaps they’re all in the 3.3 upgrade. Man, I hate being a geek loser.

This also means that I have yet another blog-like extension online. Aside from here and my AOL Journal, both of which I actively update, I’ve got outposts on LiveJournal, MySpace, Blogger, Flickr and all manner of social and professional network sites which I’ve not visited in what seems like eternity (alas, poor Friendster. You were so 2003). Because I have life (and I am not a college student), I can’t really maintain them all, nor do I really want to; I have the LiveJournal and Blogger accounts so I can use the comment functions, and the rest I have largely out of curiosity. Also, of course, if I do destroy Scalzi.com doing an upgrade, at least I’ll have somewhere else to go, already set up. Even so.

All I really want is to set this place up exactly the way I want it. But then we’re back to the geek loser thing again. Sigh.