Hello, Wisconsin!

The Oshkosh Northwestern did an interview with me that will be published this Saturday, but the reporter Bethany Warner also blogs, and has posted a version of the interview on her site. You can read it here. The telling line, when asked about my writing process: “There’s a writing process? Why didn’t someone tell me this before?” Man, I crack myself up.

8 Comments on “Hello, Wisconsin!”

  1. Hey, I just noticed the background zodiac background. Where did you get it? I think it would be nice for my desktop which I change now and then.

  2. Thanks John. Any tips on how you got the deep midnight color? Did you edit the originals, which are in some authentic parchment color?

    I like my backgrounds dark-ish so I can better see my icons.

  3. Zounds… Could I ever tell you some stories about the Land of Osh. I miss my apartment on Main Street next to the gun shop that sold live bait from a vending machine outside.

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