Friendpimping 7/19/06

I kept meaning to mention this earlier but continued to get distracted by shiny bits of foil (and, uh, book writing) pal Deven Desai, who is awfully smart in a lawyerly way (and in other ways as well), is doing a guest spot over at the legal blog Concurring Opinions. Here’s the entry saying a little bit about who he is; here’s one of his entries about paternity, and another about Jerry Springer, and the poor bastard of a British judge who is required to watch his show for a case. Fun stuff. The rest of the blog is likewise enlightening, legally and otherwise.

Also: The comment thread is hereby declared a pimp zone. Pimp yourself! Pimp others! Go nuts! But tastefully, of course.

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  1. If you enjoy post-apocalyptic sci-fi, disguised as historical fiction and styled as a western, please check out the prologue to my new book. My name links to it.

  2. What great timing an old college buddy of mine that was able to claw his way out of the Arkansas hills and get and MD just started a blog about his life back in NW AR.

    How can you beat a line like this:

    “At one point during his life my uncle decided that the fighting cock business was a reliable path to financial independence.”


  3. Jeez, nothing new to pimp. So I’ll pimp the old stuff.

    1) My yoga studio. We’re doing reallly well and we are really pleased with how people like us – and of course pay for class so we can frikking eat. Should you ever be in Portland Maine and wish for some yoga and heat stop on by. Mention the Whatever and John Scalzi and you’ll get half off a class. I talk about science ficiton during class because I am a geek. Oh, and it’s appropriate.

    2) My friend and photographer Darlene Devita. She came and took pictures of my wife recently for our website and she’s just awesome. She made me look handsome (so the chicks say) which is surprising because on most days I look like and aging lion tamer. And she made my wife look more gorgeous than she is because well she’s pretty damn hot already. Elegant, I should say. Lovely. And a gifted yogini.

    3) My music. You can dowload 2 of my albums here and here. Telll me how you like them. I’d be curious to know. They are what some would calll “electronic music.” Dig it.

    4) My sad little website.

    5) My sad little blog.

  4. Well, since I imposed on John’s hospitality in a previous comment thread, I considered not doing a self-pimp.

    However, ambition won out over guilt, so I decided to mention my science fiction novel “The Mars Run.” It’s gotten a couple of nice reviews and is available to read for free at my web site. Click on my name to come over for a peek.

  5. No need to feel guilty, Chris. Self-pimping is what these pimp threads are all about!

  6. Mostly I’ve lurked, rarely I’ve commented, and now I pimp: quality website design, reasonable rates: spanworks.

    And if you’re in the Dallas (Tx) area, a friend of mine is in an art exhibit (details) – the exhibit runs from 7/23 to 9/17, with the 3 featured artists, music and jazz dancing(!) at the reception on Sunday, September 10.

  7. I /heart/ Pimpage! Um, Scalzi style pimpage, mind. The other? H-erm.

    I think I shall pimpage Player vs. Player, better known as PVP, an online (and in book form) comic by Scott R. Kurtz. a riot.

    I can’t do it justice, but check it out anyway. Be sure to start from the beginning of the archives.

  8. A judge watching Springer? Aren’t the criminals the ones who’re supposed to get the punishment?

    Anyway, you invited pimpage, and I’m giving away books to celebrate the fact my Hal Spacejock novels will soon be on their way to the US.
    The humour is in the vein of Red Dwarf and HHG, and Hal’s gone down pretty well in Australia. (Made the bestseller list at Dymocks, one of our big chain stores.) Actually, Hal will go down anywhere, given the opportunity.

    Ugh. I have to say pimping in the comments trail goes against the grain. I’m off to wash my hands. (Hey, win nice shiny CLEAN books!)

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