Daily Archives: July 20, 2006

Foil-Stamped and Embossed For Your Pleasure

Tor sent me a few samples of the cover of the upcoming mass-market paperback version of Old Man’s War, which I share with you now, in all its foil-stamped and embossed glory. And not just foil-stamped and embossed in one color, but two — silver and gold. Truly, I am living the science fiction author […]

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La Guerra Del Viejo

This just in: Spanish-language rights to Old Man’s War have been claimed. Excellent. That’s the seventh language into which OMW will be translated (following Russian, French, Chinese, German, Japanese and Hebrew). My book is seeing more of the world than I have. I’ll have to fix that one day.

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What to Call Me

I seem to have unintentionally caused some confusion in the last entry as to how is the proper way to address me, so in the interest of being helpful, let me attempt to clear things up: My name is John Scalzi (actually, it’s John Michael Scalzi, II, but that’s not important now). I typically answer […]

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