Passing along this e-mail I got from Rick Kleffel, editor of The Agony Column:

Thought I might mention that my report on the Singularity for NPR is going to run this Sunday, near the end of the second hour — Vernor Vinge and Cory Doctorow on NPR! If enough folks respond, NPR will commission more SF reportage.

Finally, a reason to listen to NPR!

No, I’m not a regular listener to NPR because I prefer my radio to have music on it. Which means it’s hard times for me these days. Nevertheless, it’s always a good day when SF gets a bit more attention. Here are more details on when Rick’s piece will air tomorrow. And if you do listen, do give feedback.

5 Comments on “NPR Does SF”

  1. Sweeeett! I am sooo listening to that. Provided I am not teaching at the time. OR at the Yarmouth Clam Festival!

    Mmmm. Clams. Mmm. Singularity.

  2. Cory’s posted the mp3:

    [audio src="" /]

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