Did I Mention: House For Rent?


I mentioned some time ago that our house in the Washington, DC area would soon be up for rent. Well, now’s that time. We’re posting the listing in other places, of course, but just in case DC-area readers (or, alternately, readers who know people in the DC area) are in the market for a house to rent, here’s what we’re offering:

A great home for rent in Sterling, Va (20164). Here are the details:

* 3 levels (house + full basement); house levels approx. 2300 sq. ft.
* 3 bedrooms (HUGE master bedroom is 22×12)
* 2.5 baths
* Living room is 14 X 14
* Dining room is 10 X 11
* Family room is 19 X 12
* Kitchen is 16 X 12
* Basement level includes three additional finished rooms plus full bath plus very large workshop
* Washer/Dryer, Microwave, Dishwasher and of course standard oven and fridge
* Air conditioning/heater plus vent fan
* Carpeted floors with hardwood hallway (kitchen is tiled)
* Working fireplace
* Located on family-friendly cul-de-sac (with good neighbors)
* Close to Rt. 7, Toll Road and tons of shopping and restaurants
* Pets okay with additional deposit
* House comes with gorgeous full-sized single slate pool table

The lot is small (.11 acre) but the back opens up on a .33 acre “common area” that effectively belongs to the house (you can’t get to it except by going onto the property), so the back yard is pretty nicely-sized.

Rent: $2,000 per month (plus $2k deposit); year-to-year lease. No subletting. Renter pays utilities; we pay homeowner association fee.

If you or someone you know is interested, drop me an e-mail; I’ll send along a rental application and give you a phone number to schedule a visit to the house.


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  1. Well, Liz, if this suddenly inspires you to move to the DC suburbs, you just let me know.

  2. Where, roughly speaking, in Sterling is the house? I lived in Ashburn for 5 years, so I’m well aquainted with the area.

  3. Tell you what, John, this just about inspired me to move to the DC suburbs. It’s more for less than I’m getting in Ann Arbor, and I’d about double my salary at a DC law firm…

    …but then, there’s the happiness of my child to consider. So I guess not. But it’s awfully tempting.

  4. Tor: No. The house is nowhere near a Metro stop. It’s a couple of miles from the toll road, and about a mile from route 7.

  5. Yeah Sterling’s in the suburbs, it’s about 45-60 (or more if the traffic’s bad) to DC. My friend commutes up to maryland every day and he gets by. Sterling is also home to the world’s best beef kabob joint. it’s in a little hole in the wall bakery/cafe but it will make you weep at its perfection. They also serve free tzatzki and flatbread with each meal.

    Seems like a nice place Scalzi, althought completly out of my price range at the moment.

  6. Jess:

    “it’s about 45-60 (or more if the traffic’s bad) to DC.”

    I’ve been able to get into DC in a half hour using the toll road, actually. But I agree it does depend on the time of day.

  7. Oh, man — $2000 might get you a 2-bedroom apartment here, with street parking if you’re lucky…I had no idea DC was that much less expensive than the Bay Area.

  8. Looking at rent prices on both coasts, I grow ever more thankful to live in the middle of the country. And when some well-armed nutjob blows up the East Coast, and California finally falls into the ocean, we’ll still be sittin’ pretty.

    On the other hand, when the polar ice caps melt, everything between the Rockies and the Applachians will become the new Inner American Sea, so we seem to be all equally screwed in the long run.

  9. And here I am paying $787 for a three-bedroom townhouse. It’s only 1,100 sq ft. but I do have good neighbours. On the other hand I am nowhere near either New York or Washington DC (which might also be considered a bonus). Through the grace of god almighty and the pressures of the marketplace…

  10. M.A.: $2,000/month won’t get you a two-bedroom apartment in DC itself. At least not in a neighborhood in which you would want to live. Sterling is far enough into the ‘burbs that the housing costs drop quite a bit.

  11. Oh, man — $2000 might get you a 2-bedroom apartment here, with street parking if you’re lucky…I had no idea DC was that much less expensive than the Bay Area.

    Sterling isn’t in DC, it is a bit of a drive from DC. Sort of like saying “Boulder Creek is in Palo Alto”, or “East San Jose is in San Francisco”. And there are places in the bay area with $800 one bedroom apartments, so I’m guessing there are 2 bedrooms for a fair bit under $2000.

    I know places in East San Jose that have nice 3 bedroom (plus garage) condos for $380k, which would work out to something not far over $2000 a month, so 2 bedroom ones can’t be that far off, right?

  12. Ah, damn… and how did I even find this page?

    I used to live in Sterling – just a few years back
    it was voted one of the best places to live in the US. I’m wishing I had kept my house, rented it out, and then perhaps, sold it say, this year.

    At any rate, Sterling is a nice town about 13 miles west of Tysons Corner, with plenty to do, great places to eat (one of my favourites was a vietnamese place near Cascade which served this amazing quail appetizer) and just about far enough from the city.

    I have friends who were locals, tho, who used to tell me stories of Sterling being the boonies, and going ALL THE WAY out there to ride dirt bikes, or see the horses. Most of the horse farms there have given way to many, many housing units, but I think there are a few left.

    And then, if you head to MD at all, there’s a great road just at the corner of Great Falls which is twisty, turny, 25mph in places, and amazing to ride a motorcycle on.

    Man, I love that area! Hope your house rents well, and soon.


  13. “I’ve been able to get into DC in a half hour using the toll road, actually. But I agree it does depend on the time of day.”

    Ahh yes time of day, traffic and also where in DC you are planning to go. I’m basing travel time on how long it takes me to get from my apartment (northwest DC, right near Takoma Park) to my friend’s home in Sterling.

  14. You probably don’t want to hear that I could get $1000-$1500 a WEEK for my 1BR beachfront cottage in Buzzards Bay… it’s so small (484 sq ft) that my husband has to shower bent forward when we stay there.

    I bought it as a handyman special for my hub, with plans to sell it once we built it up a bit…. but it’s just too sweet as a forward base for going to the beach. I consider it to be my greatest personal luxury.

  15. I’m looking for a house in Sterling, but my main concern is the school, can you send me the address please so I can check if we still can keep our kids in Lowes Island Elementary, our zip code is 20165,thanks.

  16. I am interested in the house, I sent an email to your above email addy, any additional information if it still aavailable would be appreciated.

  17. Hi, my name is Alicia. I’m looking for something that is close to Sterling BLV and Rout 28. Could you please send me more detail. Thank you.


    Alicia Bustos

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