Because Apparently I’m Just a Chatty Cathy…

Here’s another interview of me, this time a short one at Meme Therapy.

Cincinnati/Covington Appearance

If you live in the Cincinnati area in Ohio or the Covington area in Kentucky, and you want to see if I actually exist, and you’re not doing anything on August 12th, then you should know I’m making an appearance at the Mary Ann Mongan Branch of the Kenton County Public Library, In Covington, KY, on that date, at 2pm. I’ll be there as part of an overall symposium on science fiction. The links have address information.

What will I do? Well, I thought I’d debut my acapella one-man musical about alien abductions, called What, The Anal Probe Again? Or, Once More With Feeling. But I’m having trouble with the bridge for the show centerpiece tune, “I’ve Got a Funny Feeling Inside,” so I want to emphasize that the performance of this work is not confirmed at this time. Whatever I do, I should be reasonably entertaining.

And Now, Another Exclusive Sneak Preview of The Last Colony You’ll Remember For the Rest of Your Days!!!

Can you contain the excitement? No? Well, fine. Here’s a bucket.

And now, your exclusive sneak preview:

It was raining werewolves.

Cryptic, yet inscrutable! Just the way you like your exclusive sneak previews.

Don’t worry, I’m not giving away all the best lines.