One Last Hugo Plug

For those of you who are eligible to vote for the Hugos and the Campbells, Monday is the last day to vote. Please do vote. I go into detail why you should vote in another entry, but in sum, you should vote because you can. So vote, even if you don’t vote for me. But if you do vote for me, for either the Hugo or the Campbell, thank you.

(NB: Please do not discuss how you’ve voted in the comment thread to this entry. Come Tuesday — i.e., after the voting has closed — I’ll probably open a discussion thread on the subject. But for now, hold your fire. Thanks.)

Update: Been asked in the comment thread and e-mail how one becomes eligible to vote. The answer is that you need to be a member of this year’s Worldcon. Memberships come in attending and supporting levels. Attending allows you to vote and attend this year’s Worldcon; supporting allows you simply to vote. Attending memberships are $200; supporting memberships are $50. If you want to get a membership, here’s the online registration site.

Athena Giving You The Word, Fresh For ’06, Sucka; Plus, a Blogging Self-Pimp Thread


I pity the fool who doesn’t respect the Goddess.

Now, onto various random things:

* First, antipodean SF editor Jonathan Strahan has posted up a podcast which features Tim Pratt reading his original fantasy short story, “The Third-Quarter King.” It’s up here.

* Also landing on my desk from down under: Hal Spacejock, a humorous SF novel from Simon Hayes, who is in Perth. It’s 11,157 miles from Perth to where I live (measured in a great circle), so this officially makes Hal Spacejock the originally most-distant object ever to land on my desk, so far as I know. Congratulations, Simon!

* And as long as I’m chatting up Australian things: Here’s Aussie band Wolfmother, doing their song “Dimension.” Honestly, it’s as if the lead singer has warped back in time, snatched Robert Plant’s voicebox straight from the man’s golden throat, and brought it back to 2006. Frightening, really.

* Words arranged in a fashion I never expected to see: “Something you wrote on the Whatever may lead to me eating pizza on national television with Regis Philbin.” Is this a good thing or bad thing? The details of this Whatever-originating adventure begin here and continue through a series of links.

I’d just like to note that all of this involves New York style pizza, which is inferior in every relevant respect to Chicago-style pizza. Inferior. To an appalling degree, really.

* Since you asked, The Last Colony writing is going well. I’m behind where I need to be (my deadline is in three days), but I like what I’ve written so far and I think you will too. I will say that thematically it’s a bit different from the other two books; the other two were focused on the military aspect of this universe, and this one (as the title quite naturally suggests), focuses on the colonial aspect. It also deals quite a bit more with the political aspects of the universe, and I can already tell that people are going to daw parallels between what’s going on in that universe and what’s going on in this one. All I can say to that is that I plotted this out some time ago; I can’t be held responsible if the real world begins to resemble what I long ago worked out in my own silly little head.

* I’m not going to be updating over the weekend, for reasons mentioned above, relating to being behind in the book. I don’t expect I’ll finish the book this weekend, but I do suspect I can close out the particular section of the book I’m working on. With explosions!

* To keep all y’all amused while I’m away, I hereby declare this comment thread to a blogging self-pimp thread: Link to a entry on your own site (or someone else’s site) you think the readers here would find particularly interesting. Also, please make a quick description of the link, so people aren’t shocked and appalled (any more than they would normally be) when they click through.

However, when self-pimping, do me a favor and please limit yourself to linking to just one entry. More than one link and your comment post will likely get tossed into the moderation queue, and I’m not making any promises that I’m going get around to liberating those over the weekend. Having your comment sucked into the grey netherworld of moderation will defeat the entire purpose of self-pimpery. So, you know, you have incentive to follow this direction (also, don’t post multiple posts with one URL each. Honestly, if what you link to is good enough, people will wander around your site).

Have fun — see you Monday.