Daily Archives: July 28, 2006

One Last Hugo Plug

For those of you who are eligible to vote for the Hugos and the Campbells, Monday is the last day to vote. Please do vote. I go into detail why you should vote in another entry, but in sum, you should vote because you can. So vote, even if you don’t vote for me. But […]

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Athena Giving You The Word, Fresh For ’06, Sucka; Plus, a Blogging Self-Pimp Thread

I pity the fool who doesn’t respect the Goddess. Now, onto various random things: * First, antipodean SF editor Jonathan Strahan has posted up a podcast which features Tim Pratt reading his original fantasy short story, “The Third-Quarter King.” It’s up here. * Also landing on my desk from down under: Hal Spacejock, a humorous […]

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