Daily Archives: August 1, 2006

Re: Mel Gibson:

Any additional thoughts on today’s rather more extensive apology about the drunken anti-semitic outburst?

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Your Hugo/Campbell Blatheration Thread

Hugo/Campbell voting is now officially closed, and since it was not performed on Diebold machines, I think that we can say that all the votes will be counted in an efficient and truthful manner, untainted by scandal. I promised that after the polls closed that I would open up a thread to let people chat […]

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Back in the Day

In honor of MTV turning 25 today, here’s the very first video the station ever played: We don’t need to kvetch about how MTV doesn’t play videos anymore, now that we have YouTube. In other news, I’m thinking of attending the Hugos in a silver lame suit and a skinny tie, just like the Buggles […]

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My LACon IV Schedule

Holy crap, I’m doing a lot of stuff at the upcoming Worldcon — my schedule is of Strossian proportions. Here’s what they have me doing and when. I’m cutting and pasting from the e-mail: Wed 8/23 4:00 PM, 60-90 minutes. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN CAREER Participants: Robin Wayne Bailey Buzz Dixon Nancy Holder […]

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