Your Hugo/Campbell Blatheration Thread

Hugo/Campbell voting is now officially closed, and since it was not performed on Diebold machines, I think that we can say that all the votes will be counted in an efficient and truthful manner, untainted by scandal. I promised that after the polls closed that I would open up a thread to let people chat about the Hugos/Campbell, so here you are. Chat away.

Before you ask: Yes, I have my thoughts about who will win the Hugos/Campbell, including in the categories for which I am nominated; no, I’m not going to discuss them publicly, because I think it would be inappropriate for me to do so as a nominee. I’ll wait until after the awards ceremony to say anything about it. But by all means, you folks discuss the slate and your favorites and so on — it’s too late to influence the voting, of course, but there’s still four weeks until the awards. Lots of time to speculate.

8 Comments on “Your Hugo/Campbell Blatheration Thread”

  1. I read it. I’m waiting to see if RCW was using synthetic testosterone.

    Is there anything the Anti-Doping Agency doesn’t have its mitts in?

  2. Your reminders got me through reading the short works so I would be able to vote on more than just the novels. I got my ballot in on time.

    Here’s pulling for you.

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