Sunset 08/02/06



The Forces Of Rationality Triumph, Undoubtedly Temporarily

So, the good news is that the majority of people on the Kansas Board of Education are once again people whose opinions regarding evolution approach the rational. The bad news is that I will lay money on the table betting that within two evolution cycles, anti-evolution nutbags will find their way back onto that Board of Education and the whole process of trying to hijack educational standards because Jesus didn’t come from no monkey will start over again.

That’s because the nutbags know something rational people seem to forget, which is that the fight is never over and that there’s always another election. I suspect the folks who voted in these new pro-evolution folks will go “well, that’s settled,” and then not bother voting in a Board of Education again until after some new anti-evolution jackasses come in. They’re reactive voters. Whereas nutbags are proactive voters; they always vote, and they rely on the fact rational people don’t always vote to push their agenda. This model works well beyond anti-evolution folks and boards of education, mind you. This is how any committed group of nutbags gets their agenda on the table.

So for those folks who have voted to return Kansas’ schools to rationality: Good job. But if you don’t keep voting, you’re just going to keep fighting this same stupid battle over and over, because the nutbags will keep voting. I’m laying odds you won’t keep voting. But I would be delighted if you prove me wrong.