Daily Archives: August 3, 2006

Various Bits of Bookpimpery

In the mail today: The Rough Guide to Blogging, from (naturally enough), the folks at Rough Guides. I have to admit that the first thing I did when I pulled it out of its package (other than suck at a finger I ripped open on the package’s staples) was to check the index to see […]

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From the “What the Hell?” File

Apparently 36% of Americans now believe our government was involved in 9/11. However, I think a cogent point about this greater-than-average tinfoil brigade comes out in the article: University of Florida law professor Mark Fenster, author of the book “Conspiracy Theories: Secrecy and Power in American Culture,” said the poll’s findings reflect public anger at […]

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On the Best Artist Hugo Award

Over at The Art Department, Irene Gallo posts Donato Giancola’s really rather sensible proposal to make sure the artists nominated for the Best Artist Hugo in any particular year actually have original artwork that’s made its debut in that year. I’m vaguely surprised that this isn’t how it’s done already; I assumed it was. Donato, […]

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