World Fantasy Nominations & Android’s Dream Artwork

For everyone who’s not seen them, the 2006 World Fantasy Award nominees have been named; congrats to Hal Duncan for Vellum’s nomination in the novel category, Kelly Link for her two nods, Chris Roberson for his two nods, and to Joe Hill for three nominations, in the Novella, Short Fiction and Collection category. Congrats also to Lou Anders, who has a nod in the Special Award (Professional) category. This is one of the things I like about being a writing pro; I get to look at award nominations and see lots of people I personally like and admire. The best thing is that it’s entirely possible for this entire slate of folks to walk away with an award, if the vote goes just so. Naturally , I hope it happens just that way.

Also, for everyone who wonders why the cover art to my upcoming novel The Android’s Dream looks the way it does, Tor Art Director Irene Gallo gets the artist (Shelley Eshkar) to explain it. Allow me to post here my favorite line: “John Scalzi has made a small step forward for the role of sheep in science fiction, which are possibly overlooked. I am glad to have furthered the presence of sheep in science fiction cover art.” As am I — I am in fact incredibly delighted with the cover of TAD, both in its theory (for which I owe Irene massive amounts of thanks), and its execution (for which I bow in the direction of Mr. Eshkar).

That’s all you get for today; I’m recovering from an annual family reunion for my wife’s clan. Very much food. Oy.

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